Monday, January 12, 2009


Scavenging the web for this week's inspiration I stumbled across a very cool website called Open Street Map. It's a wiki based online mapping system. In laymen's terms, it takes user based GPS and survey data to create an online map. They also use satellite maps and existing data as well, but this project proves to create the most comprehensive and accurate map of the existing world. So not only are your major freeways and streets on there, but so are dirt roads, bike paths, and even user generated hiking trails. Sites like these reaffirm my belief that the internet will ultimately bring this world together for the better. I think it's an incredible project. 

Anyhow, the video below is an animation which portrays the world map as it's edited by OSM users/contributers in the year 2008. Apparently they had four times the amount of edits in 2008 than they had received in 2007. The white flashes represent changes. 

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